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Yesterday started off good. The whole family went to the Heard Museum. Carter got to see animals and lots of trees. He stayed awake for most of the hike and we talked about all of the wonderful things we were seeing.

Sitting in a giant clam inside.

So happy standing on a picnic table.

But then he had his four month check up. Although he took his shots like a champ (or so I’m told since I leave the room for that part), the doctor said he isn’t gaining enough weight. He’s only gained about half a pound since his two month appointment. He went from being on like the 20th percentile to the -3rd percentile. That’s right…he’s not even on the charts. This made mommy cry. We are going to try increasing his bottles by 1-2 oz. This means I will have to pump after he goes to sleep every day and I will have to wake up early on the weekends to pump before he wakes up. We go back in 2 weeks to see if that helps.

Then if that wasn’t hard enough on mommy, he moved to his room last night. The doctor also suggested letting him cry when he wakes up in the middle of the night, but I’m not ready for that.


It’s hard to imagine that a year ago today, I saw this:

It was at that moment that I realized my life would be forever changed. After four months of morning, afternoon, and evening sickness, a scary hospital stay at 28 weeks, and a whole lot of discomfort, God gave me the most amazing little man I’ve ever met. He is strong and incredibly determined.

Like right now, he is determined not to sleep.

But I love him more than anything.

Carter turned 4 months yesterday. He’s getting so big! We celebrated with another swim class. This time his girlfriend Trinity swam with him. BiBi and Pop Pop also showed up to watch. Then he took a good long nap when e got home.

I’ve decided to start weaning him from his swaddle so last night we left one arm out. He slept great. I was so proud. Having only a dog for the last six years, I still have the mentality of rewarding good behavior with a treat, so I always want to give Carter something. It’s not quite the same.

Today has been a different story. He only took one good nap. And he has been very moody. Either a very happy baby or a VERY cranky baby. I put him to bed at his normal 7:30 bedtime but it only lasted about 20 minutes before he woke up crying. It’s now 9:00 and he’s still nursing. *sigh*

I so love getting to spend weekends with my little man. For the most part, he was such a happy baby. That smile of his just melts my heart. There was one point when I was feeding him yesterday and for a moment, he stopped eating and just smiled and then LAUGHED. He’s had a few little giggles here and there but this was the first full on laugh. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Saturday was a lot of fun because Carter went swimming for the first time. I took him to swim class at Emler Swim School where they have a class for babies under 5 months (as well as classes for older babies all the way up to adult). He had these adorable little swim diapers on. I bought him a swim shirt to go with it but it was a little big… he was swimming in it (cheesy pun intended). I was a little nervous about whether or not he would enjoy the water, but he had such a great time. Thankfully my friend (and Carter’s future mother-in-law) works there so she was able to take pictures. 144 pictures to be exact.

On Sunday the two of us headed up to the Plano Center for a massive baby consignment event. It’s not actually just for babies. They had stuff for kids of all ages. He should be starting cereal soon so I bought him some spoons. One can never have too many shoes so I bought him a pair. Also got him some books and clothes including a few Ralph Lauren onesies and one that says “My daddy is a Marine.” My favorite buy was the jumparoo that he will soon start to use. All for only $68. And he was such a great shopper. He was all smiles and even took a short nap.

All in all, it was a great weekend.

Carter is a very happy and talkative baby. He loves to smile and talk while he sticks his hand in his mouth. But whenever I try to take a picture or record it, he just stops. And tonight I caught him with just his thumb in his mouth for the first time. It was cute, so I decided to take a picture. And of course he stopped. I was able to get something close to a thumb sucking picture though.

I absolutely love my church. Tonight they hosted a new parents dinner. The food was AMAZING (and free) and there was free childcare. Casey and I got to eat dinner with a couple that I really look up to … Jill and Jody Mazzola. We also got to meet some other nice couples.

But the whole time, I just wanted to cuddle with my little man. How can you look at this face and not want to hold him?!

In other news, Carter had another good night of sleep on Wednesday. But Casey had to work Thursday night and I think Carter could sense I was by myself, because he was up almost every hour!

Carter must have sensed that his sleep schedule was starting to wear me out … Finally go to sleep at 11 and wake up between 2 and 3 every night for the past week and a half or so. But last night, we both went to sleep at 9, which just by itself was really nice. I would have been okay if he woke at 11 to eat because that would still be a nice and very needed 2 hour nap. But he didn’t wake up until about 4:15! And since I could get him to take his pacifier, it meant he wasn’t really hungry but just “sensitive” (that is his daycare’s nice way of saying fussy and needy). And since Casey didn’t have to work last night, he was the one to rock Carter back to sleep. I normally wake up at 4:30 so I didn’t bother going back to sleep, but I didn’t mind. I can certainly survive on 7 hours of sleep.

Doing three of his favorite things … Hanging out with Dad, watching tv, and eating his hands


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